Mark Chavez

Mark Chavez

Learning how to learn.

AxieInfinity SLP Tracker!

Tracks SLP earnings of scholars for managers.

This is a private website.!

Sets up room so you can ask questions and receive answers.

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Shows random food so you get hungry.

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Ruby API wrapper for

A ruby gem that consumes the API from

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Stats Builder for Blox Piece

Build your character stats without paying a dime!

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Pokedex for Animal Crossing

A database of insects and fishes in animal crossing.

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The Flour Estate -- Order Tracking

I developed a simple order tracking system for my sister's baking business.

This is a private website.

COVID-19 SMS Alert

Subscribe to receive new updates about COVID-19 cases in the Philippines.

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Conferences for Tech

A curated list of tech conferences around the world. This is a work-in-progress web application built with Elixir/Phoenix. My goal is to learn how to deliver an elixir app from scratch to production.

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GitHub Client

I'm working on github_client-ruby — an open-source GitHub api wrapper for ruby applications. I want to make the gem as simple as possible for developers to use and understand.

I started this project because I want to be more proficient in developing open-source libraries. It also gives me the responsibility to keep myself updated of changes in the API.

As a maintainer you get to experience another side of programming. You don't write code for yourself anymore but you also start to think about the stuffs that you can contribute to the whole ecosystem.

Crypto Contributors

This website lists the people who made significant contributions to crypto or more specifically, the software that empowers them.

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Bitcoin Price Index

This website shows the current price of bitcoin against different currencies.

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Better Programming

I translated thoughtbot's programming guide to a simple website. Come check it out.

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Yet Another Movie Database App

Shows a listing of movies and films by categories. You can browse popular, top rated and upcoming films.

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Youtube Downloader

I developed this website because of my own personal need. This website helps my girlfriend's father to download songs or videos from his Android device.

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You can check most of my projects on GitHub.