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What I Learned In 2017

December 20, 2017

The year is coming to an end and I’m excited about it.

What have you learned?
Have you reached your goals?
What are your plans for the years to come?

2017 summed up…

This year has been so rewarding for me. I am always grateful to everyone who constantly pushes me to be a better individual.

1) Travel

As someone who makes software as a profession, taking your time off by travelling is really a great way to prevent burnout. Exploring different places and cultures is something that interests me. I visited Malaysia and Taiwan this year and planning to visit more countries in Asia next year.

2) Money

When I started working as a professional a few years back, I thought of money as something that was not really important. But instead, having an irreplaceable knowledge in your profession would get you the money you want and deserve.

While that is true, I realized that professional skills alone will not get you further in life. Knowing how to accumulate wealth is a necessary skill to learn as it will move you to some places beyond your imagination.

I shifted my thinking with regards to money. I started saving up. I started budgeting my expenses. I became frugal in my own way. I started to sell the stuffs that I don’t need. I started to live as simple as possible.

It made me happier and more confident in return.

3) Professional

In terms of career, I was able to tackle different domains and learn about them. I realized that programming means giving value to yourself or other people. A software that is not usable, is not a software at all. Software is something that improves people’s lives, not make them worse.

To put things into a more technical perspective, I started learning JavaScript for real. Simply because of how easy and expressive it is, just like Ruby. I also had a wonderful introduction to functional programming thanks to Elixir and JavaScript.

I believe that every developer should know functional programming. I’m not saying that it’s the future but it will surely make you a better developer that can craft a good and maintainable software.

4) Relationships

This year wouldn’t be much happier without the support of my family and my partner. There’s nothing more important than having a strong relationship with them and everyone you love.

Cherish every moment. Always keep your principles intact. Be confident and happy. Avoid toxic people.

Final Words

I am very excited to what next year will bring. Looking forward to reaching my goals and be a significant individual of this humbling world.

Happy reading!

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