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Path to Learning React

December 04, 2017

With all the existing resources and tutorials surrounding React.js, it is pretty hard or rather overwhelming to start off. Unfortunately, it is personally a dilemma of mine.

  • Which people should I follow to get the best out of my invested time?
  • What approach should I use for this specific use-case?
  • Someone said I should do it this way.
  • Another one said I should use the other way.

It is simply hard to decide where to start learning something!

Since there are so many of them, it is also quite easy to get confused as all of these tutorials have different opinions involving implementations of features. And to make this matter worse, new approaches are produced over time.

My point is, we have to be consistent with the resources that we are using. It is also crucial to listen to the right people.

My Learning Path to React

So, here I’m going to share with you the stuffs I’m following to get better with JavaScript. If you think I missed something here, don’t hesitate to share it with me!

  1. Dave Ceddia’s timeline for learning react
  2. React Patterns
  3. Kent Dodds’ Advanced React Component Patterns course at
  4. Getting Started with Redux by Dan Abramov (creator of Redux)
  5. Practical Redux blog series by @acemarke (Redux maintainer) (free, but comes with a paid version)

My goal is to be really familiar with ES6, React.js and Redux as these are usually the essentials for making a maintainable and fast web application.

UPDATE: I added a newly released course by @kentcdodds about advanced react patterns. It looks promising knowing that it is authored by one of the best teachers in JavaScript.

Happy reading!

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