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10 Commandments of Egoless Programming

August 07, 2017

I came upon an article that has inspired me more to work better as a programmer and just in case you haven’t read it yet, kindly do so. It will make your life happier.

Attitude is everything.

I truly believe that Attitude goes a long way. I can still remember the first time I started programming when:

  • I hated making mistakes.
  • I always took criticisms personally.
  • I always wanted to be the best.
  • I was a lone programmer.

In any case, it took me long enough to understand the essence of building softwares and as time goes by, my career started to improve significantly.

The below items are here only for reference, and it is something to keep in mind always as you progress in your career.

Reference: Gerald Weinberg’s book The Psychology of Computer Programming:

  1. Understand and accept that you will make mistakes.
  2. You are not your code.
  3. No matter how much “karate” you know, someone else will always know more.
  4. Don’t rewrite code without consultation.
  5. Treat people who know less than you with respect, deference and patience.
  6. The only constant in the world is change. Be open to it and accept it with a smile.
  7. The only true authority stems from knowledge, not from position.
  8. Fight for what you believe, but gracefully accept defeat.
  9. Don’t be the “coder in the corner”
  10. Critique code instead of people - be kind to the coder, not to the code

Happy reading!

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